Engage your customers with campaigns, events and trainings

Vinci enables successful management of events, including high participant satisfaction and business impact, training, campaigns and websites. You will move your customer engagement to the next level.

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Manage all your events
with best in class
events management system

Plan and deliver high performance campaigns

Promote your events through multichannel communication and get high participation

Manage all your events with the best-in-class event management system

Plan budgets, allocate resources, control progress of all key event components

Engage participants and customers with the Vinci Mobile App

Everything you need to know and do relating to the event is in the palm of your hand

Get feedback and increase satisfaction

Continuously improve your events through regular participant engagement

Advanced analytics
and planning for team productivity and satisfaction

  • Analyze user and participant traffic

    We offer comprehensive information about activities within the system, enabling improvements in productivity and satisfaction.

  • Utilize your historical data

    Analyze the multitude of information from past events to design and deliver high performing ones in the future.

Multichannel Communication

Coordinate a variety of communication methods to appropriately engage participants, customers and other stakeholders


SMS undefined Push

Video Stream

Participants Chat

Video Message

Book a demo and
start event management

communications design.
Use templates.

  • Communication assets

    Attractive design, standardization and felxibility of website, email, video message, SMS and push notification templates enable easy and engaging communication.

  • Align to strenghten communications impact

    Use your predefined templates in coordinated communication campaigns. Aligning the design of assets in all channels improves your communications impact.

Deliver events, webinars and trainings - Virtually.

  • Streaming, video, teleconferencing

    Vinci enables all “reach media” experiences for all types of events from quick team meetings to large virtual conferences with professional video streaming.

  • E-Learning

    When knowledge acquisition and learning outcomes are your key objectives – Vinci provides very attractive e-learning platform integrated with very effective communication module.

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